-Specializing in the application of Eyelash Extensions applied one by one to your natural lashes-

3 helpful tips to maximize the time with your lash artist:

1. Movement  Please be very still when receiving our services. Any slight body or facial movements will interfere with our application and we will not be able to lash efficiently.

3. Clean Lashes  Please come to your appointment with squeaky clean lashes. Spend extra time before your appointment to make sure  all traces of makeup (eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, powder, and foundation) are deeply cleansed from the lash line. We will be happy to remove it for you however, this will take time away from your lash application. 

4. Late  Please try to be on time for your appointment. We will still be able to accommodate you however, this will also take time away from your lash application. We will apply as many lashes as we can until your scheduled time. 

At Heavenly Lashes we offer different levels of pricing based on experience of the lash artist. All of our artists have shown proficient skill in the application of eyelash extensions and are also licensed by the Louisiana State Board of Cosmetology. 

Junior Lash Artist has 6 months or more experience in the application of eyelash extensions. At this level your artists work is beautiful and clean but she is still working on her speed and skill. 

A Senior Lash Artist has 1 year or more experience in the application of eyelash extensions and has demonstrated advanced knowledge and skill in this profession.

Master Lash Artist has 2 years or more experience in the application of eyelash extensions and has shown excellence in lash extension application.

                                                                                                                       ***Prices are subject to change at any time***
The length of time it takes to apply a full set varies for each lash artist. Be prepared to lie still for 1.5-2 hours with your eyes closed. 80-120 lashes will be applied per eye.
Junior Artist -  $120 

Senior Artist - $150

Master Artist - $180

Bottom Lashes - $75
(Applied by a Master artist only)

Junior Artist - $45 (60 minutes) 
Junior Artist - $55 (80 minutes)

Senior Artist - $45 (40 minutes)
Senior Artist - $55 (60 minutes)
Senior Artist - $65 (80 minutes)

Master Artist - $55 (40 minutes)
Master Artist - $65 (60 minutes)
Master Artist - $85 (80 minutes)

Bottom Lashes - $55 (45 minutes)
(Applied by a Master artist only)

Lash Removal


After doing numerous lash removals of improperly applied lash extensions done by other salons, we are no longer doing touch ups on new clients that have existing extensions. We will be happy to remove your current set and start over with a new, clean set and apply them the proper way. Lash removals are based on time. The more lashes you have, the longer it will take to remove. Please DO NOT attempt to remove the lashes yourself. Doing so may damage your natural lashes.